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A Little About me
Yes that's me....
If you're wondering, the asian girl plastered all over this website is me. I painted all of the designs on myself, why?
Because I want you to get to know me, to feel safe with the person you are inviting into your home.
There are a million websites out there dying for your business... but who actually shows up varies. Don't be fool by a teenager who just started out or a huge entertainment company sending out "stand by" painters.  Sparkling Faces is privatly owned and opporated by yours truly.
In the Begining....
Growing up all over the US, I have always found a friend in art. My whole family exceled at painting and drawing. My creative talent was discovered early on by my teachers and professors. They then transfered me to a magnet art school where I learned about different styles and techniques through trial and error. It was a eye opening journey and I cherished every moment of it.
But for some reason I chose a "boring" careers sitting behind a desk punching numbers. I felt trapped like a caged bird. That's when I discovered face painting. Face painting started as a hobby for me. I volunteered for schools carnivals, family birthday parties and pretty soon I was busier on the weekends "volunteering" than I was during the week!
I was doing something I loved and didn't mind the suprise tip from a happy parent every now and then. Friends and family kept teasing me, telling me " you should really charge for this, you would be rich!" ...   :o)  ... and that was the begining of Sparkling Faces. 
I spend alot of time perfecting my painting and working on different designs. I really enjoy sharing my art with others and face painting was a great way to do that. I don't think anyone can say I don't love what I do! 
Sparkling Face is own by me and ran by me.
I also have one other face painter I work with, my long time friend and buddy Eric.
We both have a strong background in art... and love learning new designs and techniques!
Sharing the love....
I would like to thank Eric for being my rock and keeping me sane, Wendy for pushing me and helping me do this, Jen for inspriing me in so many different ways, and Jessalyn for all the smiles and making me see life differently.
And to my customers and and future customers - THANK YOU!!
Without your love and support I would not be able to continue my passion for face painting
- Vi
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