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Sparkling Glitter Tattoos  *NEW*

Having a Pool Party? Face Painting tooo messy? Sparkle Tattoos are the way to go. Sparkle tattoos can be applied in minutes and are instantly waterproof! Your kids can jump in the pool, play on the slip n slide, and even take a bath ( if you can get them to do that! ) 
Come on, you know your kids love those temporary tattoos! They stick them on their hands, arms, and legs, hoping that they last through the weekend to show their classmates on Monday.  Glitter tattoos are the next step up from those dull temporary tattoos.
Glitter tattoos are applied using a water resistant body art glue that  last between 3 - 7 days. The best part is, they can be easily be removed by using just a bit of rubbing alcohol. So no more faded sticky messes from those paper back temporary tattoos!
These are definately a hit at pool parties because kids and get a sparking tattoo and can jump right in the pool without having to worry about the design coming off! They are great on arms, legs, hands, and any where else their little heads can think of !
Adults, teens, tweens, or kids! Everyone enjoys getting a temporary tattoo!
Sparkling Designs include frogs, butterflies, hearts, cat, superman, tribal, skull, flames, unicorns, flowers, stars and much more!

Glitter Tattoo Parties start at $125 an hour
Glitter Tattoos can be added to your service package at a reduced rate.
Please contact me for a personalize quote.

Glitter Tattoo Freuently asked questions
1. Is the glitter safe?
Yes, I use cosmetic grade polyester glitter made especially for use on skin. This is NOT the chunky craft glitter.  Kids use in school.
2. What kind of glue do you use?
I use a waterproof hypoallergenic body art glue made specifically for use on skin. It does NOT contain any latex in case your child has an allergy to latex.
3. How long do Glitter tattoos last?
They last between 3 - 7 days depending on how well you take care of them. I have them last longer, do not scrub the area when bathing.
4. Can I get my tattoo wet?
YES! That's the best part! They are completely waterproof. So go swimming, go to the beach, take a bath! Most importantly, have fun.
5. How do I remove my tattoo?
You can use simple 70% rubbing alcohol or baby oil. It's very easy... but I know you'll miss it!
please contact for more information about your party or event today!