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Vi and her fantastic face painting skills were part of the Yelp Elite Wild Wild Paris event at Phillipe. Vi does beautiful work even in the low light conditions that the lounge offered us. She was friendly and accommodating. I wasn't sure what to get painted on my face, and of course I wanted to be unique. She asked what I like and then gave some great ideas of what she could paint based on my interests. (I was a pink cat! Cat because I told her I like cats, and i bet she chose hot pink because it matched my dress. See pictures.) She also had painted her own face and her arm, so you could see some of her work that she had expertly applied to herself. I was more than impressed at how quickly she worked. I don't think I was sitting there for more than 3 minutes. I imagine her speed really comes in handy for events with children when there are many that can't sit still and even more anxiously waiting in line.

I was also very pleasantly surprised and how quickly the paint she uses dries. The paint dried fast and light, and didn't make my skin feel like it was cracking. On her card it says "I only use products made by Wolfe, Snazaroo, Kryolan and other professional face paints. All products are made from approved cosmetics ingredients for use on skin." I can confirm that statement to be true, because the paint she put on my face felt like makeup, and NOT at all like paint. It washed off just as easy as makeup does, too.

I hadn't had my face painted since I was a kid, and I really enjoyed my experience with Vi! I highly recommend her for any event or party. Kids or adults will be dazzled at her skills!
- Mariah
I can't tell you THANK YOU enough for coming all the way to my child's party to face paint. You were the highlight of the day and everyone LOVED it. After you left, all the parents were asking how I found you. I ended up passing out all your business cards to each of the parents, by demand. You are AWESOME!!!!
- Wendy
Thank you again for coming out to our event!!! People are still commenting on your beautiful artwork, When I find out the date for next year’s event, I’ll let you know!
- Bethany
Thank you for making my little party goers into REAL fairies! They all looked amazing, you have a real talent. You helped make my little girl's birthday very special. Your professionalism was much appreciated! Thanks so much!
 - Dawn M
I can't thank you enough for sharing your wonderful talent with us!  From the clown face to the shooting stars, all of your work was fantastic!  And you are so fast!  EVERYONE who attended said you were truly the "Best" they have seen.  The adults were just as excited as the kids.  Your courtesy and professionalism are to be applauded.  Thanks again!
- Angie L
Thank you so much for your great work.... I had the best comments from my staff and client about you and your staff... and i quote
" The face painters yesterday were some of the best i've ever seen." Thank you SOOOO!!! much for everything.
- Mike B
Everything was great !  Your face painter was awesome and I am so glad you were available.  I will definitely keep your number for the future.
- Nicole
Thank you again for your work this past weekend. It was enjoyed by people of all ages and we have some lovely photographs.
- Sabrina
We loved having you at the party you do such amazing work, the kids really enjoyed it my daughter refuse to take a bath at night because she didn't want her face paint to wash off.  The parents really liked your work as well, we will definetly see you again at our feature parties.
- Cristina
You are really a very good artist and the way you were able to do designs for boys as well as girls was wonderful.  We were very happy and would for sure recommend you.
- Toni
You did a great job with the face-painting at our party!  The paintings were applied quickly and looked great on the kids (especially since they matched the theme of the party)!   Appreciate you guys being there!
- Linh
All the kids loved the facepainting at the party, even the adults loved it. I would surely recomened her to everybody. Loved her work,  I will for sure get her again at my next party!!!
- Jose
Thanks for making it such a great party!  Your designs were great, much better than what you typically expect.  Many of the parents commented on how good you were and asked where I found you.  I referred them to your site and would definitely use you again.
- Susan
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